The cheapest automobile insurance comes with the safest vehicles

We need to look at two very different situations under this heading. As we age or have the misfortune to be injured, we can lose the ability to drive the standard vehicles safely. In such circumstances, it will be necessary to modify our vehicles so we will not be a danger to ourselves or other road users. There are two basic types of modification. The first and most important is to improve your ability to drive a vehicle with an automatic gear box. For example, if you have problems in moving one leg, it may be necessary to change the position of the accelerator and brake pedals so they fall comfortably under the other foot. If both legs are affected, electronic acceleration and braking hand controls will be required. Similarly, if your arm mobility is restricted, a steering aid will be required. Then the standard door and seating positions may need to be adjusted to allow you greater comfort and accessibility from a wheelchair. The trunk may also need modification to allow storage of the wheelchair. You must liaise with your insurer to get the modifications approved and the new market value agreed. Should this vehicle be totaled or stolen, these early agreements will smooth the claims process. For seniors, it may also guarantee discounts. The safer you make the vehicle to drive, the lower the risk of an accident and this produces reductions in the premium rate.

The second situation is in upgrading a basic make and model that lacks some safety features as standard. For example, head rests are an essential way of reducing whiplash injuries to the neck. If your vehicle does not have them fitted or they are of a poor design, you should consider adding or replacing them. Check with your insurer to see which additional safety and security measures will earn you discounts. Some will reward you for carrying a small fire extinguisher or for fitting anti-theft devices. A GPS tracking system is also desirable so that, if your vehicle is stolen, it can be found again.

However, you should understand that modifying vehicles or retrofitting safety features is not necessarily a cheap process. For example, the cost of fitting an anti-lock braking system would not be economic because you would have to change most of the existing components in the system. It’s usually cheaper to buy a make and model with ABS or ESP fitted as standard. Similarly, you cannot just fit an airbag. It needs sensors in the front-end and modification of the dashboard and steering wheel. So discuss all proposed changes with your insurer and garages to find out which modifications make economic sense. To find the cheapest automobile insurance, you should get multiple insurance quotes using the online search system on this site. Then talk with the insurers to find which modifications produce the biggest savings. This is the only way to affordable automobile insurance.




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