The Best Times Get the Best Deals on Used Cars

Buying a used car can mean taking a chance. Unlike new cars, used cars are often not under manufacturer’s warranty. That means you risk having to sink money for costly fixes into an automobile.Fortunately, many used cars are better than they have been in the past. Some car brands are known to hold up for many years, even decades. Buying a used car can be easier than before.

Getting a deal on used cars is also easier than before, if you know when to shop. There are specific instances when you’re much more likely to net a deal and pay the Kelly’s blue book value for a vehicle. Though these times may seem like random occurrences, there are a very good reason why used car deals take place at certain times and places.

Slow Days Make for Better SalesSaturday is one of the most crowded days of car lots. People who work during the week normally spend their Saturday negotiating the price of a new vehicle. During the week, car lots are most likely to be empty. For this reason, shopping for a used car at the beginning of the week is more likely to net you a deal. Monday’s through Wednesday’s are the slowest days of car lots. Most people are at work on Monday through Wednesday while car lots are open. With low to no sales, a car dealership is more likely to negotiate down on the price of a car to make a sale for the day.

End of the Summer/ Beginning of FallNearing the fall season, cars seem to sit on the lot for a number of reasons. Dealers do not like for cars to sit on their lot for more than three months at a time. When cars stay on lots long term, dealers will continuously drop the price in hopes of a sale. July through October has been known as the season of monthly price drops for vehicles. If you see a used car, you like and think its overvalued, check back within a few weeks during this time. You may find that the price has become much more attractive.

Beginning of the yearThe end of the year is when the new model vehicles come out from car manufacturing companies. When this happens, the older model cars invariably get priced down. This also means a price cut for those used cars from the same maker. After the entire year when everyone is scrambling to trade in their old set of wheels for that brand new model that simply came out, you will be able to find a deal on a used car that is in great shape.

End of Any MonthThe end of the month is always the sweet spot for car buyers. Moving merchandise from the lot and meeting projected sales quotas is one the mind of every used car dealer on the final days of the month. If you can hold out until the tail end of the month, you will be able to negotiate a deal that you otherwise would not have received.

Poor WeatherNo one wants to drive in the poor weather. This includes test driving vehicles. Poor weather, including heavy snow, rainfall, or otherwise unwelcome weather patterns mean that no one is visiting car lots. If no one is visiting the lots, there are no sales being made, which make car lots a little more interested in haggling than normal. If you can grin and bear the bad weather outside, you will be able to obtain the amount of an eternity on used cars in Flemington, NJ solely due to Mother Nature.

Picking out a used car is something that should be done carefully. This includes selecting the correct time to go used car hunting. Take some advice on when and how to hunt for a used car to find a new hot rod that you enjoy much more than you expect.

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