Many Americans are seeking affordable car insurance companies. Given the economic situation and the unemployment rate, it’s practically a cliché that everyone is looking for a way to save money on their auto insurance. Car insurance is a mandatory, and often unwelcome, expense, and people want to find the lowest possible rate. Many people see a commercial or get a quote online and just choose the lowest premium in their quest for savings. But often those same people find themselves at a disadvantage if they actually have a claim; there may be fine print in the policy that they weren’t aware of, or they may find that they haven’t chosen the most responsive company. Here are some things to consider when you are seeking out affordable car insurance companies.


Advantages and disadvantages of the Smart Car Insurance

When individuals are looking at creating an expensive decision, especially with something as brand-new and unusual since the smart car, they often want to know the advantages and disadvantages of the several choices they are contemplating. This information will look at the pros and cons of the smart car.

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A Cheap Auto Insurance Company Could Be A Top Insurer As Well

Typically, being cheap is associated with lower quality in various consumer product lines and services. But this is not necessarily the case all the time. High competition keeps all the companies on their toes in the insurance industry. This in return ensures that even the top insurers have to compete on rates and there is little room for boasting about quality.
An insurance policy is very different from any other products in many ways. When you buy a quality organic apple you can see the difference by simply biting into it. You have a chance for an immediate quality comparison. The only immediate comparison you could have with policy coverage is the premiums offered. You may or may not see the difference between a top firm and an average one depending on having a claim or not.

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A Lookback at Some of the World’s Worst Traffic Jams

Despite the notion that traffic jams are an inescapable fact of urban life, you’d be hard-pressed to find someone who has gone comfortably accustomed to it. For the fact is, each new traffic jam you find yourself stuck in is an entirely new horrific experience different from the countless others you have had in the past. Each new traffic experience, in a nutshell, is definitely no fun at all.

So imagine your misery and desperation amplified many times over should you find yourself in a traffic jam that counts as one of the world’s worst. The ensuing headache you are bound to experience would not probably even begin to measure to the degree of pain you get from your usual regular commute.

When things go spectacularly bad, their level of awfulness go off the charts. This is exactly what happened in China in August 2010. Drivers plying the Beijing-Tibet Expressway were greeted by heavy construction work, which subsequently turned what was otherwise a three-day commute into an astonishing 11-day traffic hell that stretched for 62 miles from end to end.

Generally regarded as the world’s worst traffic jam ever, this incident in China was an exercise in irony; the construction work on the highway was supposed to ease up traffic. Instead, the accumulation of vehicles, caused in large part by an endless parade of huge trucks carrying construction materials, did not serve to ease up the traffic at all.

In fact, the 11-day ordeal became even more hellish because of enterprising vultures who descended to the site. According to the personal accounts of some of the drivers on the highway, vendors sold drinks and food at hijacked rates. In some instances, drivers who refused to buy were even threatened of having their windshields broken. It was sheer madness.

Before 2010, though, the worst traffic jam ever recorded happened over the course of three days in 1969. Between August 15 and 18, the New York Thruway in the US was clogged with vehicles stretching for 20 miles from end to end. The reason? Approximately 500,000 music lovers drove their way to the Woodstock Music & Arts Festival. This was well beyond the anticipated 50,000 attendees the organizers had hoped for. The traffic on the road was so bad, people were forced to leave their cars on the highway and walk to the venue. To avoid delays, the music performers had to be flown in by helicopter.

In 1990, another monster jam took place, this time in Germany. This was the period when the Berlin Wall fell. Understandably, people from the East and West sides of Germany were eager to reconnect with their families and loved ones. As such, traffic on April 12th swollen up beyond the roads’ usual capacity of half million a vehicles in a day, with the volume of vehicles on that date reaching a whopping 18 million. The result? An equally historic traffic jam.

These are just some of the worst traffic jams in recent history, where no end of police help or advances in road marking paint could help stem the flow of traffic. To be sure, any traffic jam is certainly bound to be a bummer. However, there’s comfort in knowing that the prospect of staying in your car for 11 days in heavy traffic isn’t the norm where you live.

A Few Valuable Money Saving Tips on Auto Insurance

A Few Valuable Money Saving Tips on Auto Insurance

Finding a good insurance cover and paying low premium rests on a few essential factors. First of all you need to have a clean driving licence and have no claims history. Especially, if you are an experienced driver, there are a few companies looking for your kind of risk.
Failing that you need to find other ways of lowering your insurance costs. Multi car policies could be a good solution for young or new drivers. Even though you own the car, you could still insure it under a more experienced person’s name either as a second driver or as part of a multi car policy. In a family, the older and most experienced person preferably with no claims should be the lead insured because lead policy holder is the most influential person while determining the premium. Certainly, it could be much cheaper than buying separate covers for every car in the family. However one accident could increase everyone’s premium at renewal.
Especially young drivers should avoid buying sporty cars for the first couple of years at least. Naturally, the insurance cost would be seriously high. And really they may be more likely to involve in an accident with a powerful car when they have not got enough experience. In the same way, buying cars with increased security features would reduce the cost of insurance. Furthermore, people may prefer to have limited cover until they build up no claims bonus. These are the initial years that you need to be extra careful and probably have a starter car.
Make sure that you find an easy way of searching for auto insurance quotes. You need to be able to get to the bottom of it pretty efficiently before you give up and settle for less favorable insurance terms and price. There are many decent independent websites that bring major insurance companies in one place for easy comparison.
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Saving Money With Online Auto Insurance Quotes

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The Best Times Get the Best Deals on Used Cars

Buying a used car can mean taking a chance. Unlike new cars, used cars are often not under manufacturer’s warranty. That means you risk having to sink money for costly fixes into an automobile.Fortunately, many used cars are better than they have been in the past. Some car brands are known to hold up for many years, even decades. Buying a used car can be easier than before.

Getting a deal on used cars is also easier than before, if you know when to shop. There are specific instances when you’re much more likely to net a deal and pay the Kelly’s blue book value for a vehicle. Though these times may seem like random occurrences, there are a very good reason why used car deals take place at certain times and places.

Slow Days Make for Better SalesSaturday is one of the most crowded days of car lots. People who work during the week normally spend their Saturday negotiating the price of a new vehicle. During the week, car lots are most likely to be empty. For this reason, shopping for a used car at the beginning of the week is more likely to net you a deal. Monday’s through Wednesday’s are the slowest days of car lots. Most people are at work on Monday through Wednesday while car lots are open. With low to no sales, a car dealership is more likely to negotiate down on the price of a car to make a sale for the day.

End of the Summer/ Beginning of FallNearing the fall season, cars seem to sit on the lot for a number of reasons. Dealers do not like for cars to sit on their lot for more than three months at a time. When cars stay on lots long term, dealers will continuously drop the price in hopes of a sale. July through October has been known as the season of monthly price drops for vehicles. If you see a used car, you like and think its overvalued, check back within a few weeks during this time. You may find that the price has become much more attractive.

Beginning of the yearThe end of the year is when the new model vehicles come out from car manufacturing companies. When this happens, the older model cars invariably get priced down. This also means a price cut for those used cars from the same maker. After the entire year when everyone is scrambling to trade in their old set of wheels for that brand new model that simply came out, you will be able to find a deal on a used car that is in great shape.

End of Any MonthThe end of the month is always the sweet spot for car buyers. Moving merchandise from the lot and meeting projected sales quotas is one the mind of every used car dealer on the final days of the month. If you can hold out until the tail end of the month, you will be able to negotiate a deal that you otherwise would not have received.

Poor WeatherNo one wants to drive in the poor weather. This includes test driving vehicles. Poor weather, including heavy snow, rainfall, or otherwise unwelcome weather patterns mean that no one is visiting car lots. If no one is visiting the lots, there are no sales being made, which make car lots a little more interested in haggling than normal. If you can grin and bear the bad weather outside, you will be able to obtain the amount of an eternity on used cars in Flemington, NJ solely due to Mother Nature.

Picking out a used car is something that should be done carefully. This includes selecting the correct time to go used car hunting. Take some advice on when and how to hunt for a used car to find a new hot rod that you enjoy much more than you expect.

A Few Points to Take into Account While Shopping for Cheap Auto Insurance Quotes

A Few Points to Take into Account While Shopping for Cheap Auto Insurance Quotes

Most people can’t afford generously paying high premiums because they do not want to upset their current car insurance companies. Furthermore they can’t be complacent shopping for lower car insurance rates when they are under pressure to reduce their expenses in the current economic conditions. So here are a few points to bear in mind while looking for ways of reducing vehicle insurance premiums.
Depending on individual circumstances drivers might be offered several discounts. Most people would be offered at least one or two of them. Even a young college student might get discounts because he has got good grades. The most common one that everyone might take advantage of is discounts offered for advance payments or debit card payments. You might be offered discounts because you pay whole premium at the beginning rather than spreading out to many months. You might get further cuts simply because you are using a bank card to pay rather than credit card as companies get charged for credit card transactions a lot more.
One other way of saving money that is available to everyone is shopping carefully for it. In five year time you might be offered a great quote due to your improved claim history and financial status like having better cars and living in a nicer neighborhood. And hopefully you would have no bother paying the premium with your earnings at that time.
Nonetheless, people mainly suffer with high premium costs in the early years of their driving. These are the years you want to make the most of shopping as the dollar amounts you could save would be a lot more. And real value of reductions would be higher as you would be a lot more satisfied with couple of hundred dollars savings than a financially stable senior driver would. So it would be advisable to look around until you find an honest insurer to offer you a decent rate. Remember there are many companies in the USA and you are most likely to find one competitive firm out of all those fine establishments.
At this stage it is important to have a look at your coverage and see if it is satisfactory. Many people buy the legally required minimum coverage but they do not realize how much they are paying for hardly any coverage. Insurers tend to charge higher proportional rates for the lowest state limits as all the policy set up costs has to be accommodated here and everyone has to buy this section of a policy anyway.
Seeing premium quoted for a basic policy, many people might be scared to ask the rates for increased coverage or policy limits. However, you might only pay 20% extra when you double the minimum limits. It is always worth checking alternative levels of coverage. One thing you need to remember at the end is that you get the quotes on the same bases from every company so that you could have a proper comparison. Drivers should not hold back from getting alternative quotes at every renewal period. A lot changes within the company, the industry and competitors since you last renewed your policy.
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Automobile insurance rates for collision and comprehensive coverage

The majority of us are selfish. We have spent the money to buy a suitable vehicle (or two). It may be our pride and joy with a set ritual for washing and polishing it on a regular basis. That way, we feel comfortable being seen driving it around our town or city. Perhaps heads turn or perhaps it’s the reverse. Our old car is so immaculately kept, no one looks twice. We do not stand out as one of the poor who can only afford a wreck to drive around. With all that time and money lavished on the vehicle, it would be a tragedy if it was struck by lightning and caught fire, or someone came through a red light and hit us broadside. Suddenly we have a blackened hulk or a mangled mass of compacted metal. At this point we either smile in relief because we carry collision and comprehensive cover, or we cry a silent tear and wonder how we will afford to replace the lost treasure.

As the name suggests, collision cover protects us when our vehicle hits another vehicle or a static object, and is damaged. It also applies when we hit a pedestrian but that usually all gets lost in the big liability claim for knocking someone down. A comprehensive policy covers you against all the other losses you might suffer. It includes most events from extreme weather that can float your vehicle away in a flood to a tornado that picks it up and dumps it in Kansas, to a thief who manages to beat your security system and drives it away. Before you buy a comprehensive policy, you should look very carefully at the precise wording of the policies on offer. Some are likely to be reasonably generous, covering a fair range of the everyday events likely to damage your vehicle. Others may include a number of exclusions and limitations making the cover less ideal. Imagine you live in Florida and the policy excludes hurricane damage but offers excellent cover if a heavy weight of snow falls on to the roof of your vehicle while it’s parked under a tree or next to a house with a sloping roof.

American law assumes freedom of contract. This means you have no one to blame but yourself if you fail to read a contract and sign it, only later discovering it does not give you the protections you were expecting. This is true of much cheap automobile insurance which tends to define the insurer’s liability as narrowly as possible or puts barriers in the way of your claims. Although this is not mandatory cover, banks and other lenders always require you to have this cover if you borrow money. So always get as a wide a range of automobile insurance quotes as possible. Only by shopping around can you find affordable automobile insurance rates with a reasonably wide coverage against risks relevant to you.




Automobile insurance quotes are necessary before you sign a contract. Don’t know the reasons why you need to get free quotes online? Read on and you will be surprised of its many advantages.


Automobile insurance quotes provide you the most affordable but best automobile insurance out there. We have listed here some strategies to be able to lower your auto insurance premium rates and save more money.



Auto Insurance Quotes

Car insurance | Car quotes
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If you not understand about car insurance, we have the details for you to read the contents that is easy to understand . Car insurance has three levels first class insurance, second class insurance and third class insurance . Insurance premiums are also different price . You can choose a car insurance at a price you can afford . We have offer car quote in the different prices. Our website will help you make sure to decide. Car insurance will not be difficult for you anymore. Also you will get the cheapest car here in the special price . You will get car quote to compare. It you trust us please choose our website we will help you.

Auto Insurance Quotes

Auto insurance quotes: men vs. women
Auto insurance quotes are affected by a variety of things, each having an influence on the risk score the insurance company assigns to each driver. Car make and model, place of residence, credit rating and driving record – these things have their impact on how much the insurance company will charge you for having a particular policy. However, there’s one factor that some people may be uncomfortable or even angry about – gender. That’s right, the driver’s gender also affects auto insurance quotes. How, you might ask? Pretty simple.

Even though it may sound sexist, female drivers always get lower auto insurance quotes then men. And before the debate of who is better behind the wheel – women or men – carries on, let’s first take a look at hard facts. Despite the common belief that women are worse drivers than men they tend to get involved in accidents much less often then men do, and file fewer respectively. Some of you might say that there are fewer women on the road and that’s true. However even if taking the relative percentage of drivers with accidents and the overall number of drivers on the road women are still leading the race. But what does this mean from the insurer’s point of view?

Insurance companies deal with risks and they are all about calculating the risk of someone filing a claim.

That’s why they use various personal data starting from the car being insured to the driver using the vehicle.

There’s no discrimination in mind because the only thing that really interests the insurance company is whether the customer is more likely to file a claim or not. And if the risk is high so are the rates. That’s why due to the statistical observation between male and female drivers the latter usually get lower car insurance rates – they simply file less claims than men do.

This rate discrepancy is the same as the one caused by age group statistics and there’s nothing you can do about it. The only way to overcome it is to shop around. All companies have different claim statistics and with some providers the different between male and female auto insurance quotes may be very small because the claim number may be identical. At some companies the difference can be very pronounced. Either way your aim is to get a policy that meets all your insurance needs for the most competitive price possible, regardless whether you’re a man or woman. So take your time to shop around!




Auto Insurance for Business

Auto Insurance for Business – Auto Insurance Business

With all of the precautions in place now it is hard to imagine a business
not having the proper auto insurance; however it is actually a fairly
regular occurrence. A large number of small business owners may not even
know they need a different type of insurance for business use of their
vehicles. Hundreds of claims are denied in California every year because
of insured’s who did not have their vehicle rated as business use, even
though it is often times cheaper to insure a vehicle for business coverage
as opposed to personal use.
Any time a business is using a vehicle to make money it is deemed business
use. This does not include a person who commutes to a job. A vehicle used
for commuting to and from a workplace will require a standard personal
auto insurance policy. Only if the person is using the vehicle while on
the clock, on the job, does it require a business use policy. This is the
case for people transporting supplies, goods or people via car while on
the job, such as delivery services or caretakers.
Some of the most common forms of business use that go uncovered are
landscaping and in home care. With today’s rough economy we have begun to
see the rising trend of people taking on second jobs and extra work to
make ends meet. Often times these people these second jobs will involve a
small business that is run out of the home, since it keeps overhead down.
When people are running their business from home they tend to forget that
the same rules that apply to every other business also apply to them.
Business owners should be especially careful when purchasing insurance
coverage for their vehicles. It is important to have a business vehicle
rated properly, or the insurance company may deny a claim in the event of
a loss, leaving the owner financially responsible for any damages. In
addition to having the claim denied they may also be subject to fines or
even jail time depending on the severity of the claim.
Obtaining the correct insurance policy and the correct coverage for a
business vehicle, may not only save money, but will also protect the
business from financial losses. It is important for small business owners
to speak to their insurance agents about the appropriate coverage in order
to protect the overall financial integrity of their business.

The cheapest automobile insurance comes with the safest vehicles

We need to look at two very different situations under this heading. As we age or have the misfortune to be injured, we can lose the ability to drive the standard vehicles safely. In such circumstances, it will be necessary to modify our vehicles so we will not be a danger to ourselves or other road users. There are two basic types of modification. The first and most important is to improve your ability to drive a vehicle with an automatic gear box. For example, if you have problems in moving one leg, it may be necessary to change the position of the accelerator and brake pedals so they fall comfortably under the other foot. If both legs are affected, electronic acceleration and braking hand controls will be required. Similarly, if your arm mobility is restricted, a steering aid will be required. Then the standard door and seating positions may need to be adjusted to allow you greater comfort and accessibility from a wheelchair. The trunk may also need modification to allow storage of the wheelchair. You must liaise with your insurer to get the modifications approved and the new market value agreed. Should this vehicle be totaled or stolen, these early agreements will smooth the claims process. For seniors, it may also guarantee discounts. The safer you make the vehicle to drive, the lower the risk of an accident and this produces reductions in the premium rate.

The second situation is in upgrading a basic make and model that lacks some safety features as standard. For example, head rests are an essential way of reducing whiplash injuries to the neck. If your vehicle does not have them fitted or they are of a poor design, you should consider adding or replacing them. Check with your insurer to see which additional safety and security measures will earn you discounts. Some will reward you for carrying a small fire extinguisher or for fitting anti-theft devices. A GPS tracking system is also desirable so that, if your vehicle is stolen, it can be found again.

However, you should understand that modifying vehicles or retrofitting safety features is not necessarily a cheap process. For example, the cost of fitting an anti-lock braking system would not be economic because you would have to change most of the existing components in the system. It’s usually cheaper to buy a make and model with ABS or ESP fitted as standard. Similarly, you cannot just fit an airbag. It needs sensors in the front-end and modification of the dashboard and steering wheel. So discuss all proposed changes with your insurer and garages to find out which modifications make economic sense. To find the cheapest automobile insurance, you should get multiple insurance quotes using the online search system on this site. Then talk with the insurers to find which modifications produce the biggest savings. This is the only way to affordable automobile insurance.




Automobile insurance quotes are necessary before you sign a contract. Don’t know the reasons why you need to get free quotes online? Read on and you will be surprised of its many advantages.


Automobile insurance quotes provide you the most affordable but best automobile insurance out there. We have listed here some strategies to be able to lower your auto insurance premium rates and save more money.


Automobile Insurance rates for at-fault and no-fault states

Automobile Insurance rates for at-fault and no-fault states

What is the difference between at-fault and no-fault?
The culture of a state sets the tone of the legal system. In states where people get along well together and always try to agree on the solution to shared problems, laws are drafted to support the aim to find the best compromises. Think of these states as being focused on arbitration rather than litigation. In other states, people may be more inclined to blame each other when things go wrong. Instead of looking for peaceful settlements, they may be more aggressive and look for ways of fighting each other. Fortunately, most states currently prohibit dueling — no more shootout’s at High Noon. This leaves it to the champions, now called attorneys, to go into court and fight for you. It’s a strictly binary win or lose outcome. The winners get all the spoils. The losers get nothing. Traditionally, America has been an at-fault country. It imported the British law of tort. This looks for the party at fault and orders him or her to pay compensation to the party suffering loss as a result. This used to push everyone into a court to settle a dispute. Attorneys grew rich and there were always considerable delays in getting the results.

Other countries long ago decided fighting was a bad system. They switched to a no-fault system. In these countries, everyone carries insurance and if they suffer loss, they claim on their insurance. There’s no attempt to find out if anyone was at fault. That slows everything down, builds up costs, and leads to anger and resentment from all the losers. Instead, insurance companies calmly assess how much money is required to put their policyholder in the same position he or she had before the loss was incurred. This may be paying for medical treatment, compensation for any loss of earnings, repairing or replacing lost property, and so on. It’s relatively painless and everyone gets on with their lives.

Some US states thought this looked a good alternative to the law of tort and so introduced their own versions. Sadly, these states ran into an unexpected difficulty. It seems a large number of their citizens are dishonest and make false claims from their insurance companies. Indeed, the level of fraud is so great, most of the no-fault states have higher than average automobile insurance rates. This has not happened in any of the other countries where no-fault systems have produced cheap rates for all types of cover. America should hang its head in shame until our politicians decide to make law enforcement a priority and clamp down on insurance fraud. Until then, you need to look very carefully at which system applies in your state. If you live in a no-fault state, you must make extra efforts to get the maximum possible number of automobile insurance quotes. It’s vital you shop around, buying your automobile insurance online to avoid the additional labor and administration costs.



Automobile insurance quotes are necessary before you sign a contract. Don’t know the reasons why you need to get free quotes online? Read on and you will be surprised of its many advantages.


Automobile insurance quotes provide you the most affordable but best automobile insurance out there. We have listed here some strategies to be able to lower your auto insurance premium rates and save more money.



Automobile Insurance Quotes – Commonly Used Terms

Automobile Insurance Quotes – Commonly Used Terms

You are now determined to file for an automobile insurance but when you are handed with the form or manual, you are overwhelmed by jargons. Your problem escalates when the customer service agent begins spouting these seemingly complicated terms at you. Don’t fret and let us assist you in understanding the most commonly used terms in an automobile insurance.


No, we are not talking about police agents or spy agents. We are dealing with cars. When signing for a contract, you will always have to deal with an agent. Just be careful. You would not want to deal with an overly charging agent.


When you request for quotes, you allow yourself to examine a particular company’s insurance terms and conditions. Don’t just jump and sign a contract just because it’s cheap.


It is the opposite of coverage. Your insurance company might not cover specific terms.


I hereby declare that… Familiar? That goes as well with your automobile insurance contract. It includes your name, address and phone number.


Who is a claimant? It is you! As a claimant, you will receive claims from your insurance company if your car is accidentally damaged.


This is the report of events the claimant has made concerning the damage of your car.


One of the terms that may or may not be included in your automobile insurance coverage. When you meet an accident, whatever or whoever the cause might be, the company will not be held responsible. So don’t just intentionally damage your car just for the purpose of increasing your monthly fee!


This shows what you can get from your company when your car is stolen or damaged. Hence, indemnification can be money or a particular object.

Anti-theft device

This anti-theft device is a device installed in your car to watch out for thieves. Automobile insurance quotes offer you great options to lower your premium rates.


Automobile insurance quotes allow you to find great guarantees for your car’s integrity. This warranty may include free services that you need for your car within the span of agreed terms.

Automobile insurance quotes  terms are really confusing at first. But when you get the gist of it through learning these commonly used terms, you will find them easy. Automobile insurance quotes are a great help for you to choose the best insurance.



Automobile insurance quotes are necessary before you sign a contract. Don’t know the reasons why you need to get free quotes online? Read on and you will be surprised of its many advantages.


Automobile insurance quotes provide you the most affordable but best automobile insurance out there. We have listed here some strategies to be able to lower your auto insurance premium rates and save more money.



South Carolina Health Insurance – Get Free South Carolina Health Insurance Quotes

South Carolina Health Insurance – Get Free South Carolina Health Insurance Quotes
in South Carolina demands a
careful analysis of the health insurance options available in the State.
However, considering the sheer volume of choices of insurance providers and
coverage plans, it’s not a simple exercise to zero-down on any one insurance
provider. But this is a small quagmire considering a whopping 47 million
Americans who can’t even afford health coverage and are under constant risk of
financial and emotional turmoil at the time of crisis. Some of the important
considerations to select the ideal insurance plan are: whether you and your
family gets complete coverage, whether the medical cover will include routine
checkups and prescriptions, and whether it covers ambulance and emergency
room.advancehealthinsurance.com is
your best friend in assisting you to select the best and affordable medical plan
offered by one of the best and reputed insurance providers in South Carolina. Doesn’t
matter if you are looking for affordable insurance plans for individual, family,
or business. We have all the requisite resources to enable you to make an
informed decision within your budget and other limitations. With our special
emphasis on and offers for students and senior citizens, you can look forward to
considerable savings on your insurance expenses. We have some of the best
long-term and short-term insurance plans for all categories of insurance
seekers.Choose any insurance plan from this
website and earn yourself piece of mind that will reassure you at every step of
the life. Your and your loved ones’ lives are precious. Don’t take any
chances…Get insured!South Carolina Residents: 4,012,012 – according to the US
Census Bureau, Census 2000Uninsured South Carolina
Residents: approximately 16% – according to the US Census Bureau,
Income, Poverty, and Health Insurance Coverage in the United States: 2006,
Issued August 2007.Uninsured South Carolina
Residents under 18: approximately 115,115 according to the Kaiser Family
Foundation, Health Insurance Coverage of Children 0-18, States (2005-2006),
US 2006.http://www.statehealthfactsonline.org